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Andrew Wei-Min Lee 李伟明 (Shanghai)

Andrew Wei-Min Lee

Andrew Wei-Min Lee

m: +86 180 1783 1787

Based in China, Andrew Wei-Min Lee has been working in the dispute resolution field for fifteen years.

In addition to his commercial mediation work, he is a Fellow of Harvard Law School's Program on Negotiation and Stanford Law School's Gould Center for Conflict Resolution. He has led workshops on commercial negotiation and mediation with Chinese counterparts and Chinese government institutions in the United States and across Greater China.

He has taught negotiation and dispute resolution at China's top law and business schools including Peking University, Tsinghua University, Zhejiang University Law School and Renmin University.

In 2007, he commenced started the first course on negotiation, mediation and dispute resolution at Peking University Law School.

In 2012, he was made a JAMS Foundation Weinstein Fellow for his work on negotiation training and mediation in China.

Born in Australia and now living in Shanghai, Mr. Lee holds first class honours degrees in Law from the University of Sydney and in Psychology from the University of Adelaide. He holds a Masters in Chinese Law from Peking University and a Certificate in International Law from the Hague Academy of International Law.


Selected Publications

  • 'Clash on the Construction Site: A study of real estate negotiations and disputes in China'
    To be published in Cardozo Law Review 2016
  • 'Mediation in The People's Republic of China'
    In Schonewille, M. 'The Variegated Landscape of Mediation' 2014 Eleven International Publishing, pp 579-591
  • 'Ancient Wisdom for the Modern Negotiator: analyzing Chinese characters and their importance to modern dispute resolution pedagogy'
    Hamline University Journal of Public Law and Policy 2010 Vol 31(2), pp551-568
  • 'Tibet and the Media': for Marquette University Symposium on International Media and Conflict Resolution
    Marquette University Law Review 2009 Fall Issue, pp209-230
  • 'Teaching Negotiation: Hosting a Negotiation Pedagogy Workshop for Colleagues from Peking Law School'
    Harvard Negotiation Pedagogy Newsletter 2008
  • 'Developing dispute resolution pedagogy in China – the Wahaha case as illustration'
    Thesis for Masters of Chinese Law Degree at Peking University 2008
  • 'Negotiating Environmental Conflict Resolution in East Asia: Cases and Perspectives'
    ACResolution - Journal of the American Association for Conflict Resolution 2007 (with Dong-Young Kim and Masahiro Matsuura)
  • 'Breaking Robert's Rules' (Mandarin version)
    China Social Sciences Academic Press (2006) (with Lawrence Susskind and Feng Ying Yu)
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