About Jams International - ADR Network

JAMS international headquarters and UK panel of mediators and arbitrators

JAMS International serves as both the international headquarters of JAMS, specifically managing disputes heard outside of the Americas, and as the home of the UK panel of independent mediators and international arbitrators.

From premises in London’s International Dispute Resolution Centre, JAMS International manages the practices of a UK panel of fulltime alternative dispute resolution neutrals, as well as administering international and domestic arbitrations and mediations.

Leveraging London’s status as a leading international dispute resolution destination, JAMS International oversees complex commercial disputes from around the world, often working in conjunction with regional and global arbitral institutions.

Where desirable, JAMS International augments its panel, locating appropriate neutrals in remote jurisdictions through its worldwide database of ADR contacts and associates.  

JAMS International neutrals are active across a broad spectrum of ADR products, and are adept at designing bespoke hybrid services as required.



Our principal services are outlined below.


Practice Groups:

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