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JAMS International, Experts in Mediation & Arbitration Worldwide

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We’ve specialised in mediation and arbitration since 1979.

JAMS International is headquartered in London, and is the international and cross­-border
division of JAMS, the world’s largest provider of mediators and arbitrators for complex
commercial cases. With 25 US resolution centres and a caseload approaching 10,000 a
year, JAMS is an acknowledged market leader. Former Judge Warren Knight founded JAMS in
1979 in Orange County, California, and the company has since grown to over 300
panellists managing cases from around 40 different countries.

JAMS International provides a one-­stop shop for all ADR-­related services. With a single
phone call, JAMS International will find the best available mediator or arbitrator to
handle your case, meeting and exceeding requirements for depth of experience, language,
legal and cultural awareness and industry know-­how.

Reflecting the increasingly global nature of commercial disputes, JAMS International
provides mediators and arbitrators on the ground in most jurisdictions where
multinationals do business. JAMS International panellists are available to handle cases
worldwide. Our multinational footprint means we can be sensitive to specific customs and
needs, including linguistic, cultural, legal and procedural considerations wherever you

JAMS International prides itself on being responsive to clients’ needs. Our mediators
embrace a style suited to resolving matters at any point along the timeline of a
dispute. Our arbitrators carefully manage their workload to be available to hear a case
and deliver an award in a timely manner.

Many JAMS International panellists have built their careers in specific market sectors
and understand industries from first-­hand experience. With native speakers in most
European countries, we are attuned to different business cultures and pride ourselves on
overcoming the linguistic and legal barriers to settling disputes quickly and cost­-effectively.

JAMS International takes a pragmatic approach to resolving commercial disputes,
emphasising reaching resolution in a quick and cost-­effective manner. We are specialists
whose focus is on resolving disputes and not on ADR training. Our panellists are
dedicated and professional. They have been selected because they meet stringent criteria
concerning legal and industry sector expertise. They are technically accomplished
professionals familiar with integrating the demands of local and global business, and
enjoy the recognition and support of the market.

Practice groups
Our practice groups comprise:

  • Banking & Financial Services
  • Construction & Engineering
  • Employment & Workplace
  • Corporate & Commercial
  • EU & Competition
  • Information Technology
  • Insurance & Reinsurance
  • Intellectual Property
  • Maritime & Shipping
  • Partnership & Shareholding
  • Professional Negligence
  • Public International Law
  • Real Estate
  • Sports, Telecoms, Media & Entertainment

Setting the standard
JAMS International sets the standard for mediation and arbitration. Our culture and
values have been the cornerstone of our success. Being JAMS International means being:

We act quickly to meet clients’ changing needs and expectations. Our management is
hands­-on and non-­bureaucratic.

We anticipate and meet the needs of our clients with global reach, local knowledge and

We are committed to improving quality, efficiency and effectiveness.