Insurance and Reinsurance Dispute Resolution and Claims Settlement

Demand for alternative dispute resolution (ADR) in insurance and reinsurance has risen over the last ten years. We commonly see requests for two distinct types of dispute:

Intra-market insurance dispute resolution - claims between brokers, underwriters and reinsurers.

Insurance and insured dispute resolution - disputes between corporate clients or government/public sector institutions and their insurers (e.g., coverage disputes).

Resolving apparently intractable insurance and reinsurance disputes requires neutrals who not only know the law, but know the market and the commercial impact of disputes. Our European and U.S. insurance panellists are adept at resolving complex matters quickly and cost effectively.

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Our Clients

  • London Market
  • International Insurance and Reinsurance Companies
  • Corporations and Public Institutions
  • Regulatory Bodies
  • Litigation Lawyers
Our Services

  • Arbitration
  • Early Neutral Evaluation
  • Mediation
  • Bermuda Form Arbitration